Top 5 Places to See in Northern England

Since moving to England as an international student, I have been able to visit a number of cities and towns across Northern England. Many of these places can be experienced on a student-friendly budget. Here is a list of my top 5 places to visit while in the north of England:


York is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the North of England. With York Minister, the shambles, the city wall walk, and countless museums and centres- York is a city you will never get bored of. 

My favourite place in the city is the Museum gardens. Taking a picnic and a book on a nice spring day underneath the Roman ruins makes for an idyllic outing. 


Knaresborough is a quaint town north of the city of Leeds. You can take a 45-minute train ride from Leeds City Centre for as little as £5.

You can take a lovely walk around the Castle and museum grounds. The view over the train bridge is picture perfect. Along the river you can find charming cafes and shops open to the public. This town is a lovely and quiet place to getaway. 


Home of the Bronte Sisters, Howarth village is located about 3 miles south-west of Keighley. From the Keighley bus station, you can grab the Bronte Bus to the village. The centre of Howarth is set on a hill. At the top you will find the Bronte Parsonage Museum which is a home museum dedicated to telling the Bronte Sister’s stories. There are a handful of sites around the town such as the old schoolhouse and the church that link to the Bronte Sister’s story as well. On the way down the hill, you will find various gift shops, book shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes that give the village a homey and warm feeling. There are holiday cottages along the main road that can be rented out as well. 


I stayed in Scarborough for one night and hiked from Scarborough to Whitby the day after. This beach city is so fun. The cliff-side castle is a must visit and the views there are breath-taking. Along the beach you will find several fresh made doughnut stands. A perfect treat for a chilly evening walk. 

As I was there for a hike, I can say the hiking scene in Scarborough on the coast is nothing like I have ever experienced before. The views are out of this world. Along the coast around Scarborough there are several routes that will take you to small seaside villages such as Robinhood’s Bay or Ravenscar. If you are a hiker, I would highly consider looking into some of those routes!


Walking around the docks in Liverpool is a must-do if visiting this city. There are a few museums that are interactive and informative around this part of the city. You can also find the Beatles statue situated close to the docks which is of course a quintessential part of visiting Liverpool. 

I love Liverpool, the mix of modern and historical architecture has made this city a stunning sight. The library is a perfect example of this wonderful harmony. As you walk into this building you will notice the spectacular, modern high ceilings and open floor plan. As you explore further into the library you will come across a room that feels like you have stepped into one of the books that it houses. The history seeps from the walls and it truly does feel romantically academic. 

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I am a Public Relations student studying in Leeds, England. I love art and hiking and photography. I am obsessed with traveling and house plants.

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